50 Kitchen Hints from Gordon Ramsay

50 Kitchen Hints from Gordon Ramsay

In a 20-minute YouTube video, Gordon Ramsay shares 50 cooking tips. Here’s a summary, and at the end, you’ll find the full video:

Maintain a sharp knife for efficiency and safety; stabilize your chopping board with a damp cloth, and use a vegetable peeler for fine slicing. Easily peel garlic, chop onions safely, and ensure proper heating of pans and ovens. Avoid salting eggs before cooking, let meat reach room temperature, and remove chili seeds with ease. Utilize leftover chilies by drying them, use lemon juice to protect against chili burns, zest citrus fruits effectively, and maximize garlic and ginger flavors in dishes.

Store leftover spices in airtight containers and use rice leftovers in various dishes. Prevent browning of fruits and veggies with lemon juice, and make flavored oil with excess herbs. Cook pasta in well-seasoned water and repurpose leftover bread. Use pulses for soups, start potatoes in cold water, and debone fish for stock. Steam vegetables for better flavor, prepare chicken for fast meals, and freeze marinades like wine or lemon wedges for future use. Roll lemons before juicing, score meat for faster cooking, and prevent stained Tupperware by using oil as a barrier. Finally, create your own chili sherry for stir-fries.

The entire YouTube video can be found below:

Ask ChatGPT for more tips, or search Full PDFs about the topic!

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