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Tips for wholesome cooking and recipe ideas

Maintaining good health and preventing chronic diseases can be achieved by consuming a diverse range of wholesome foods. A well-balanced diet consists of consuming a variety of food items from each of the five food groups daily, adhering to the recommended portions. Eating healthily doesn’t mean sacrificing your favorite recipes. A few minor adjustments and some planning can pave the way for lasting improvements in your eating habits. Consider these

50 Kitchen Hints from Gordon Ramsay

In a 20-minute YouTube video, Gordon Ramsay shares 50 cooking tips. Here’s a summary, and at the end, you’ll find the full video: Maintain a sharp knife for efficiency and safety; stabilize your chopping board with a damp cloth, and use a vegetable peeler for fine slicing. Easily peel garlic, chop onions safely, and ensure proper heating of pans and ovens. Avoid salting eggs before cooking, let meat reach room